UAJK Career Fair - 2013

Kashmir Institute of Economics

AJK University Campus Muzaffarabad

Held On Thursday May 23rd 2013

A career fair was held on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 at AJ&K University Muzafarrabad Campus. This was an inclusive, comprehensive and successful event, offering a mix of information on further education, training, and job opportunities in order to be attractive to students and progressive people of Azad Kashmir.


Our mission for this Career Fair is to create awareness among people of Azad Kashmir and the youth about the education, employment, training and career development opportunities that are available in different sectors of the Country; to help guide them through these; and to support work bodies in Kashmir and Pakistan in achieving their human resource plans that will contribute to accomplishing the human development pillar for the years to come.

The Event & Services

The Career Fair included presentations from organizing committee, profit companies and social firms that are creating new jobs and give a great deal of opportunities for visitors to get in contact via panel discussions. This Career Fair shall serve as an integrated event where there is no difference in motives for people of Azad Kashmir or other regions of the Country. The Career Fair will be designed to give information about jobs, vocational training and the possibilities to get access to a new job & training.


To reassure people of Azad Kashmir by helping to provide job stability and career development, so that their capabilities and skills can be utilized in a competent andefficient way in different work sectors in Kashmir, Pakistan and International Market [Back to Top]



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